Video Production

CASE STUDY: Resolve Counseling

Resolve Counseling & Wellness was started as a new kind of counseling practice that seeks to change the norms that are usually associated with counseling. With minimal wait times and community involvement, they are one of the fastest growing practices in the Kansas City area. The owners James and Amber, understood from early on the importance of not only active marketing but also communication.

Videos convey both information as well as passion in a way that's very difficult for text to do.

Why should I incorporate Professional Videos?

Online video helps with the 2 main parts of business: Attraction and Conversion. Studies show that videos are processed by the brain 60,000x faster than text! 

But we'd be awfully hypocritical if we explained all of this only via text...

Potential customers can spend a little over 2 minutes watching the above video or 10 minutes reading this article. Video conveys and converts much more efficiently.

Resolve's Video Campaign

Through conversation with the owners, we decided to put our full weight behind the video approach. They already have a strong social media and branding presence but they wanted to make sure potential clients had the opportunity to truly know their personality and core beliefs before they ever set foot in the office. This helps especially in the counseling field because videos about individual counselors reduce first-timer's potential anxiety. 

This meant scheduling 2 full days where clinicians from Resolve had different appointment times to sit down and be professionally interviewed and filmed by our crew. Once shooting had finished, videos were edited down to the best parts that most represented the message they wanted to convey. They are now able to incorporate these videos into their existing social media campaign throughout the year without having to worry about content. 


By having several subject ideas for videos long before the shoot, they were able to maximize their time and budget. Not only were we able to knock out shooting for different videos on the same day, our interviewer was able to steer questions towards answers that fit their content criteria.

Becoming a More Effective Storyteller

Most everyday marketing messages can be converted to video to make them more effective and dynamic. Videos can be used to showcase the success of a project:

to share your mission statement,

to highlight happy customers,

or to help change the world.

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to video can open new doors for your cause and offer an innovative way for your customers to engage with you. If you'd like to know what video options exist for you or if you have a great idea, send us a message! We'd love to help share your story.