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Political Marketing

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For years, local political candidates have had abysmally plain branding in comparison to their national counterparts. They consistently use the same tired imagery: a clip-art American flag, the word 'Vote' where the V is a checkmark in a ballot box, and a big serif font that looks like it stepped right out of Microsoft Word 98.


Together with Eric Woods, we decided that it didn't have to be this way and we were going to elevate local political marketing by having a highly-polished brand.

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By eliminating overused clip-art, serif fonts, and designing on a slant, we were able to convey youth and energy in a simple and clean logo

What Next?

A logo isn't the only thing that informs the voters about you. There is campaign literature, social media, and video content (if you're doing it right) that all need to be branded as well. Eric wished to present himself as the polished and technically savvy candidate. Any digital misstep could at best be embarrassing and at worst derail his entire message. So creating an intuitive website with professional photos and matching branding was absolutely imperative.


When handing out literature or merchandise, having matching branding to your online presence shows constituents that you care about the details. You're not just running for an office because you're someone's cousin or a local business're running because you believe you can do the best for the people. And more importantly, you believe that the office is worthy of respect.

Politicians are first and foremost communicators. If you can't effectively communicate your own views and yourself as a candidate, how can citizens expect you to effectively communicate their concerns in the community?

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Having a dynamic social media presence was also important for the Woods campaign. They made it very clear that most of their opponents and other local candidates neglected to give their pages the attention they felt it deserved.

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If you're running for office, contact us today! Your campaign is the first and often last thing the voter knows about you. It's time to put your best foot forward and change your community for the better!