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essential marketing
coaching bundle

Does marketing feel like a foreign language? Regardless of your background, this bundle will help you discover everything you've been missing and help take your brand to the next level!

included content.

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Included in this bundle are FIVE individual marketing consultations!


Whether you have questions about the course, need advice on one of your ideas, or just want to have a brainstorm session... we've got your back!

We know learning is a two-way street and with this course - you're never on your own.


Every student will also have lifetime access to the Ultimate Marketing Toolkit - a digital playbook with all the tools that they need to succeed.

Much more than just supplemental reading materials, this toolkit guides uses through the hardest parts of their marketing journeys with ease.

And because it's online, it's always being updated with the newest information.


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Ultimate Marketing Bootcamp..............

Video Production 101.............................

Essential Sales Techniques.....................

Ultimate Marketing Toolkit.....................







Total Value: $5,796



master your craft.

  • trbm coaching bundle

    marketing + video + sales + toolkit + consultations

The Ultimate Marketing Bootcamp + Sales Training

Video 101 taught by Wildwoods Creative

Five individual and personalized marketing coaching sessions

Lifetime access to

The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit online

VIP access to private webinars and discounts on marketing services

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you'll learn how to . . .

Create a compelling brand name, logo, and identity.

Decide on and craft your brand's marketing message.

Post to social media authentically and regularly.

Plan, record, and edit your own promotional videos.

Create a comprehensive and effective marketing plan.

Automate your workflow on your most time-intensive tasks

Professionally write emails, blogs, and press releases.

Build your own professional website that's highly intuitive.

Create unforgettable customer interactions and experiences.

Sell yourself and your services like a master salesperson.

...and more!

taught by experts .

Aaron Smithmier - Headshot.jpg

Aaron Smithmier

founder of

From working for Radio Disney and NBC, to teaching at-risk youth on a llama ranch, Aaron has done it all. Along the way he has not only learned the importance of stories, but also how to present them in a polished, professional way. He's a firm believer that if you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it well enough.

Brent Woods - Wildwood Creative

Brent Woods, LPC

founder of wildwoods creative

After becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor, Brent quickly realized the incredible need for therapists and other small business owners to have quality marketing. So he picked up a camera and learned how to be a videographer just so he could help out others in his situation.

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