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The family album,

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Genealogy in motion.

There is so much more to you than just what you look like and what your name is.


No matter who you are, you have a unique story to tell. Behind your name there are triumphs and defeats, moments of inspiration, life-changing encounters, unique talents, and fun quirks.

We want to document the whole picture of who you are - to share with friends and to pass down through your family. Pictures capture only a moment in time, but videos tell the full story.

And we can't wait to hear yours!

Faye, Lloyd, Ella, and Walt.mp4_edited.j

We capture not just voices, but personalities and interactions

How it works.

Whether it's just one person or several people that are going to be interviewed, the process is the same!

  • Contact trbm to discuss your idea

  • We'll work together to figure out the best questions & topics to cover

  • Based on the info provided, we give you a quick and easy quote

  • Once accepted, we'll schedule a date, time, and location for your shoot

  • After the shoot, average turnaround is in one month


Once you get the final video, share the final product wherever you please! Post it online or just keep it for yourself; you have full rights over the video because it's your story!

Ready for the gift that keeps on giving? Call us today!

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