experiential marketing

CASE STUDY #1: Mattress Firm (Projection)

Mattress Firm is the largest bedding retailer in the United States and that is owed at least in part to the latitude they give their individual regions and store managers when it comes to advertising national sales.

For their Black Friday sales event, we designed a custom animation for their stores that had the highest visibility to both pedestrians and vehicles. In each store, we set up projectors and screens that covered the front windows and ran the animation from sundown until open the next day. 

With the sun going down at nearly 5 pm and people doing holiday shopping after work, we were able to dramatically increase foot traffic at a time of day when customers were usually sparse. We also were able to dynamically draw attention to a genre of retail that is often overlooked.


Projectors offer an opportunity to create customizable, professional, and inexpensive moving billboards for your business or event.


Bury the Hatchet (Game Menu)

Bury the Hatchet is the largest indoor axe-throwing venue in Kansas City and has a well-established national brand. With a fully digital scoring system and a policy that allows patrons to bring their own beer/food, the allure of their venue is no mystery.

But the General Manager wanted to build on their already proven success by giving patrons a unique experience that they couldn't get at any of the competing venues.

After a brainstorming session over some light axe-throwing, we came up with a specialized game for their competitive clientele and made a menu to help even the playing field for those that weren't natural lumberjacks.

This menu not only was a huge hit with new and recurring patrons alike, it also increased tips to their AxeMasters who run the games.

Experiential Marketing can take many forms and is all about the customer experience from first-touch all the way to recurring business.


Your customer's experience after they come through the door is just as important as getting them to walk in in the first place.

CASE STUDY #3: Daybreak Solar (Custom App & Report)

With renewable energy taking the world by storm and prices falling to record lows, more and more homeowners are turning to companies like Daybreak Solar to save money.

As Daybreak expanded into new areas of the country, they had a number of competitors already in those markets. They were looking at ways to differentiate themselves from the fly-by-night operations that unfortunately permeate the industry.

They quickly communicated that most of the companies the ran into did most of their estimates and financial calculations on scratch paper and if they did follow up with a digital report, it was usually days later. By creating a custom app for their field reps, they were able to quickly perform complex calculations that automatically filled a report they could display on their tablets or email to the homeowner immediately.

They were able to lean on this and use this as a distinct and helpful selling point to potential clients in future advertisements.

Daybreak Solar - App & Report.jpg

Integrating your brand across multiple mediums to streamline the experience for your customers is as much about marketing as it is about logistics. Branding every touch point for your customers shows an extra level of care and attention to detail that sets you apart from competitors.

Experiential Marketing Philosophy

Unlike more traditional forms of marketing like email, print, and video, Experiential Marketing is harder to define. Experiential is just what it sounds like. It's about crafting a unique experience for your customers to provide them not just a product, but a story.

Any good experience campaign begins with understanding what your competitors are doing and recognizing opportunities to out maneuver them. To schedule your free brainstorming session, contact us today. Let's get your customers talking about your business for years to come!