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Maryville, MO



KNWT is the television station on the beautiful campus of Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri. Established almost three decades ago, it has gone through countless relaunches and logos to better relate to the current community and college populations.

For this particular project, the task was to take the tired old logo created around Y2K and give it an updated and modern look. They had some old promotional materials that had the existing logo on them in color but couldn't find the actual file anywhere. Their brand had undergone years of neglect; and nothing in their station was branded because employees and students either weren't aware or weren't confident in it.

Channel 8_edited.png
old knwt logo.jpg

The client ONLY had this grayscale image file of their old logo. It was clunky and shown by their lack of logo file options.

The New Channel 8.

Keeping with their desire to keep blue and white as their colors, we designed this new logo. We wanted to make sure that we incorporated the iconography of television broadcasting. And by avoiding changing the name of the station to anything other than 'Channel 8', it created a design that was more timeless and less likely to age as soon as their previous one.

KNWT logo copy.png

Channel 8's new and improved logo

Making Lemonade.

With their new logo solidified, Channel 8 began promoting their revamped station all over campus. Using what they thought was spray-chalk, they put the logo on common sidewalks where potential viewers would be sure to see it.

As rain storms came and went, it quickly became apparent that the 'chalk' they used was actually paint and it wasn't going away. Murmurs began to circulate around the university about rebellious TV station that graffiti'd campus. 

They weren't technically in trouble for it since they had gotten all the requisite permissions and the 'chalk' had been provided BY the university; they just had to remove it.

KNWT Stencil.jpg

Promotional graffiti (not advised)

Perception is often reality, and Channel 8 was happy to run with their newfound reputation as the edgy group on campus. So we were able to incorporate their new logo while commemorating the stunt into a new promotional shirt design that quickly spread all over campus.

knwt tshirt.png
KNWT Dodgeball.jpeg

Capitalizing on the public's perception allows them to be unexpected but invaluable collaborators in your brand's story.

Brand Pride.

Graphic Design and Branding tend to go hand-in-hand. One cannot exist fully without the other. Maybe you have a great culture around your brand already and you just want a logo or menu or something else that fully captures it. 

Or maybe you've never cared to create a logo. Your company is named simply because you value simple brevity. We can work with that! Good graphic design isn't about changing who you are; it's about highlighting who you are so someone will know just from looking at a logo or document.

Times New Roman has no place being the 'best foot forward' for your business.

So give us a call today and let us help you convey what you love about your business so you spend less time talking about it to your customers and more time being about it!

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