HelpHost is a Chicago-based company that manages AirBNB properties for their owners. With their innovative system for streamlining both advertising and maintenance, they are turning record profits for their clients while growing exponentially. With their rapid growth, a polished logo and recognizable brand quickly became a priority for them.

Old Help Host logo
HelpHost Color w_ White Background.jpg

Updating your brand doesn't mean abandoning your original concept.

Why should I care about Branding?

It's easy for branding to fall by the wayside in the early days of a business. Most owners don't get into business to spend time fine-tuning their advertising; they get into it pursue their passion. Because of that, most stop shortly after coming up with the business name and designing/acquiring a basic logo. 

But branding at it's core is how your business looks at every possible touch-point you have with your customer. From your logo, to the format of your documents, colors you use, and the fonts you choose; all of it needs to be instantly recognizable as 'Company X'


We don't realize how much color and design impacts the innate feelings we have about a brand until that's thrown out of whack.

HelpHost's Image Update

The founders of HelpHost loved their name and the general idea of their original logo but wanted something more polished and professional. Once we found the perfect logo for them, we standardized both their fonts as well as their exact colors. Moving forward, they're now able to quickly standardize their documents and promotional materials to a level that all of their customers will quickly recognize the brand.


A good logo is easy to remember and able to be displayed both in full color as black & white.

Protecting your Brand

If your company is your body - your brand is your clothing, personality, and hygiene. Every potential customer is a chance to put your best foot forward. 

That means that all of your online posts, physical documents, and company assets need to match one single vision and narrative. While it takes a little more upfront effort, it dramatically increases customer loyalty as well as employee buy-in.


If you're ready to establish an image that your customers love, contact us! To learn more, send us a message!